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3DP Materials

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We currently provide high performance clear and color binder and wash fluid for the Z310®/Z510® Systems and the Z450®/Z650®/Z850® Systems.

We provide a refilling station that you can use to refill your empty cartridges at your site with the bulk binder and wash fluid we provide.

We have an infiltrant material, ProBond, which offers high performance and great value.

What are people saying about our products?

For Binder:
“We have now switched over completely to 3DPMC binder.  We need to let the parts dry a little bit longer, but for our needs the savings justifies the small additional wait time.”  M. M., Connecticut

“Having access to less expensive materials gives us (we are a service bureau) more breathing room in our pricing and profit margins.”  J. V., New York

“For the way we use the printer, we can’t really tell the difference between 3DPMC binders and OEM products.”  A. W., Taiwan

Our customers rated our binders equivalent to OEM products for 70% of parts and acceptable for 95% of parts.

For Infiltrant:
"The performance of ProBond is very good, particularly good with color parts.  We consider it equivalent or superior to OEM product.”  S. J., UK

“We haven’t really noted any differences.”  W. C., Hong Kong

100% of our customers rated our ProBond infiltrant as equivalent to OEM product.

For Wash Fluid:
“We have been using it for months with no problems.”  J. S., Illinois

“It works well.”  J. V., Netherlands

100% of our customers rated our wash fluid as equivalent to OEM product.

We'll add more based on your suggestions.

In the cartridge format, we will refill your empty cartridges for you if you prefer.  Visit the refill service section of our web store, send us your empty cartridges and will refill and return them.  


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