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Just visit our web store and order the materials right for your system.  If you would like to refill your own cartridges, purchase our Binder Refill Cap.  Using our Binder Refill Cap you can refill your cartridges with binder or wash fluid purchased on our site.  If you wish us to refill your cartridges, visit the refill service section of our web store, send us your cartridges and we will refill them and return them to you.


All materials that we ship to customers are professionally blended, packaged and quality tested in an approved blending facility.  

If you have sourced and tested a 3D printing material and wish to consider marketing your product through this site, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our policy is to screen new products based on their performance, cost and advantages offered relative to existing offerings.  We may also perform an intellectual property review to make sure all relevant rights are respected.  If we have an offering already in a particular category, we may add a very similar new offering only if there is a performance advantage for users.  If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Our Approach

New Products

3DP Materials Corporation (3DPMC) is focused on providing high performance affordable consumables for 3D printing.  Our products are developed by materials experts and expert users of 3D printing equipment.

We use a crowdsourcing model to find high quality consumable products that are qualified for safety, and then allow users to rate the performance capability of these materials.  Our materials have been developed and tested by users, who receive a share of the profits from materials sold through this site.  When we introduce a new material, we offer a discount to users who are willing to test the new material and share the results with the community.  

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