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3DP Materials


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3DP Materials Corporation (3DPMC) is focused on providing high performance, affordable consumables for 3D printing.  3DPMC was founded by experienced veterans and founding pioneers of the 3D Printing industry.  

How much do customers spend on consumables?

We conducted a survey of our customers consumable spending (before switching to 3DPMC) and here is what they reported.

How much can I save with 3DPMC?

With an estimated 60% savings on binder, 25% on infiltrant and 35% on wash fluid, our customers can save a total of 25% of total material usage costs.  For many customers this can be thousands of dollars a year.

How is 3DP different?​

Our approach is different.  We believe that there is vast untapped potential in the large number of industry veterans and expert users with deep knowledge of 3D Printing.  We have partnered with these experts to source, test and manufacture new materials and share in the benefits we create for the user community by paying these innovators a share of the profits.

Many of our products were developed by some of the founding innovators in 3D Printing who pioneered some of the critical breakthroughs in high quality 3D printing materials.

All materials that we ship to customers are professionally blended, packaged and quality tested in an approved facility.

What are customers saying about 3DPMC?

​“I can often get faster response than with OEM products.”  W. S., Taiwan

“The savings is significant, and I like the freedom of having more than one source.”  M. M., Massachusetts

“The 3DPMC team has continued to upgrade their offering.  I look forward to seeing what they add to their lineup next.”  J. B., California